Kane Williamson
Having spent many long hours in the nets, wearing down Benny’s arm, I can say that his enthusiasm and dedication creates a great learning environment for players of all ages.
He has extensive knowledge, which is important for every player looking to move their game forward. Benny’s love for the sport & coaching ensures his commitment, not only to helping players improve but so they enjoy the learning process along the way.

Michael Dighton
Tasmania, Western Australia, Netherlands and National Coach of Canada

Having worked closely with Ben over two seasons in the Netherlands, I thoroughly recommend his coaching services to anyone from junior level through to professionals. His knowledge on current coaching methods and techniques is sound and, more importantly, he has a genuine love of the game as well as a real desire to help players improve.

Scott Kuggelijn
Northern Knights / New Zealand A

As a coach Ben has a very solid knowledge base and is always willing to listen and learn, not only from the players he is coaching, but also other cricketers. This has meant he has become a very creative and flexible coach. For me personally, this was a huge help as he would always have a well explained reason for the changes required in my game and also he was able to listen to my views about certain aspects and this meant we both knew exactly what we were aiming for and where we wanted to get to in the future.

Josh Earle
14 year old BWCA participant

Recently I have been very lucky to spend time at the Ben Williams Cricket Academy and
have had so many amazing experiences, from batting and bowling with Black Caps and other first class players that regularly train there, to spending quality time with lots of other talented cricketers.
While the Academy is such a positive and fun environment, I have always found Ben Williams to be an amazing coach
who gives everyone he coaches the same awesome, quality time, whether he is training international players, me or any other kid.
I am very grateful to have Ben Williams and his Academy in my life.